Natural Resin Incense RED SANTAL

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The natural incense resins selected by us are in powders or grains. The natural resin of incense naturally cleanses the atmosphere, provide well-being, soothing and balance in your interior. These incense in resin are consumed on hot coal or possibly on a heated stone to create a perfumed atmosphere indoors or outdoors

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Natural red sandalwood incense is used to purify the atmosphere of negative waves and helps reconciliation. This tree is native to India. Nowadays, the Indian government directs and regulates all exports. The supply of high quality sandalwood fuel comes from Tanil Nadu. Some sacred books in Sanskrit and Chinese manuscripts, mention the benefits of this wood for a very long time. The oil is used in religious rituals.

Designation  : 100% Natural Resin Incense.
Used : Wait for the charcoal to ignite and warm up , Add resins on top of the charcoal. The resins or herbs will begin
to burn and release their essential oils through the smoke.
Origin : Bangalore, Inde
Delivery cost : Depending on the weight and destination.

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