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Natural Resin Incense SANDALWOOD

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Find all the magic of India through our selection of incense, fragrances and exquisite and captivating fragrances, reminiscent of the flowery, spicy, woody and fruity scents of this great continent. When India can be worn on the skin, or spread in your home ... let us impregnate with all its olfactory power ...

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Another advantage to resin incense is that it is a pure form of incense that is not diluted with a burning base
or other substance such as those used to hold crafted forms of incense together.
Another advantage to resin incense is that you can easily customize your experience by mixing two or more resins.

Designation  :
100% Natural Resin Incense SANDALWOOD
Used : Wait for the charcoal to ignite and warm up , Add resins on top of the charcoal. The resins or herbs will begin
to burn and release their essential oils through the smoke.
Origin : Bangalore, Inde
Delivery cost : Depending on the weight and destination.

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